Concrete StepsTM Program

This Concrete StepsTM Program offers you access to skills and information to accompany your work with your Psychologist, or while you wait to see a Psychologist, or even as a refresher to the work you’ve done with your Psychologist. These courses are not aimed to replace the great work you do with your Psychologist, but rather to compliment the work you are or have done.

Each course builds on one another and offers best outcomes when done in sequence, however they can be useful to do independently and as singular lessons.

By accessing this now you will develop insight into what’s happening for you so that you can save precious time in therapy. With the aim to help you live a more fulfilled life sooner.

Self paced learning - anywhere

These education courses are designed to be consumed at your own pace and the online nature allows them to be studied in an environment that works best for you, and at a time that suits.

Courses can be purchased individually for those interested in specific courses, or bundled as sets.
Self paced learning online

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  • All courses

    All the individual courses can be purchased together as a combined package. Look for the "Complete package" in the course section.

  • Extra Value

    Purchasing the complete set of courses together not only provides all content at once, but results in a great cost saving compared to the individual courses.

  • Plan your own Path

    Having all courses on hand allows you to start and continue your learning at your own pace, and along the path that makes sense to you.

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